After completing an art foundation in 1989, Nan Collantine worked in visual and written communications for 25 years until 2016 when she moved with her family to Queensland, in 2016 which is where her self-directed art education began in studying Australian painting. She is the recipient of the Castlefield Gallery Artist Professional Development Award as part of the Manchester Open 2022 and has been undergoing a programme of professional development with the gallery for the past 12 months.

 In 2022 Nan completed a second year of the Turps Banana Correspondence Course and in December 2022 exhibited with the Turps cohort in London. Nan is also an alumni of alternative art school, the Islingon Mill Art Academy.  She works from her studio at Goyt Mill  in Marple, Greater Manchester. 

View Nan’s work in the Edgelessness exhibition catalogue.