exhibition residency

21 July -5 August

Preview Friday 21 July 7pm-9pm

Manchester-based visual artists Helen and David Roscoe-Rutter will be presenting a two week long residency comprising photography, short films and a series of creative, immersive events from the 21st July to 5th August.

Helen and David share a body of work that is both new, reflective and interactive. Ideas that have been drawn from communities they have either formed, lived or traveled through and explore the subtle shifts and connections that are felt in community.

There are subtle rebellions taking place everywhere, many of which start with a common purpose or feeling. A sort of gentle activism that prompts kindness and ripples within the broader contexts of culture and society. Communities form and disperse but play a vital role in shaping lives and stories.

Marple residents, Helen and David have over a decade of working together within the creative sector. Helen is a Fine Art Graduate from Loughborough University 1999-2002 with an MA in photography from Leicester DMU 2003-2005, alongside this she has a successful career teaching and educating yoga both locally, and nationally. David has a BA in Interactive Design from Lincoln University and has worked as a freelance designer, photographer and film-maker since 2014. This is their first group exhibition.

“We’re passionate about inviting as many people as possible from the local community to engage with this exhibition, which we hope will spark curiosity and conversation around the way communities have impacted on their lives.

We have been reflecting upon the significance of our trip to China some 12 years ago and continue to look back at this time as a significant turning point in our lives. No longer photographing for the purpose of making money, rather to capture the essence of a place, feeling or person within a culture that was so far removed from our own.

After the long pause of Lockdown 2020-2021 our creative practice changed, we began to focus on projects with more meaning and wanted to elevate the voices within communities in which we lived. Our films, ‘Broadbottom Allotments’ and ‘We’ll be Okay’ do just that. A chance to celebrate what is happening in the every day lives of those who find communities through common purpose. Whilst our photographic exhibition, ‘Postures and Portraits’ invites us to question yoga, posture and the body ideal as set out by the yoga and wellness industry.

We want this subtle rebellion to cause further ripples as we invite people into the space; to practice meditation, to explore sound, and to learn new creative skills for themselves in what we hope will be a chance to form a new, meaningful community.” Helen and David Roscoe-Rutter

The Subtle Rebellion residency includes an immersive and inclusive events schedule designed to help inspire creativity and collaboration as well as enhance physical and mental wellbeing.  Use the link below to find out more about the events and to book.